About Me :)

My name is CatLouBelle, I'm 22 and I'm from North Wales, UK. I'm a lesbian, a kitten and I'm taken by the most amazing girl.


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My girlfriend ♥
Her name is Lydia Dee Smith and she is the most amazing girl and every day I condsider myself very lucky to have her as my girlfriend. She's stuck by me through everything, no matter how tough it's been. She's the strongest girl I know and she's my rock. I'd be nothing without her. She looks after me and treats me like her little girl, her princess and her kitten. She makes me feel comfortable about everything and keeps me feeling safe and secure, so I never have to worry or get worked up about anything. She's the best and I love her, with all my heart.

*hover over the strawberry & flower*

; lydia, animals, tattoos, disney, make up, £££, sex, being stroked, vodka, lingerie, dressing up, cuddles, kisses, play fighting.

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1 Go inside 360 mirror dressing room
2 Cry in the car

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my preference is someone who wants to spoil me

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someone should make an itty bitty titty committee network

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  • how to finger a girl: put your tongue in it.

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